Dr Morse's Herbal Formulas for Detoxification

Who is Dr Morse?

Dr Morse is a pioneer in the natural health field and is a certified Naturopath, biochemist, iridologist and master herbalist. In his 50 years of practice, his ground-breaking work has helped thousands overcome cancer, diabetes, M.S., Crohn’s Disease, Scleroderma, and other serious illnesses through the process of Regenerative Detoxification

Detoxification is not a system of treatment or a way to remove symptoms; it is a system of curing by addressing the cause of the disease. It involves the understanding that the body is the healer, and that energy is at the core of healing. It also sheds light on the true cause of disease - the destruction of energy. Energy or the destruction of energy results from what we eat, drink, breathe, put on our skin, and from what we think and feel. Dr. Morse emphasises the importance of a raw vegan or fruit-based diet, fasting, and herbal remedies to support the body's natural healing processes.

Dr Morse

Dr Morse's Herbal Formulas

Dr Morse has developed powerful herbal formulas through decades of clinical testing to promote detoxification. These formulas are “tissue specific” in that each herb was created to affect a specific type of tissue or part of the body. Today, the use of herbs (botanicals) is vital to healing. 


Their power to invoke the cleansing and regeneration process can’t be equaled by manufactured supplements or chemical medications. Where chemical medications suppress and hold toxins in the body, herbs pull and clean these toxins out as well as strengthen the cells. Because herbs haven’t been hybridized they haven’t lost their powerful nutritive and electrical properties. 


The uniqueness and superiority of herbs lies in their strong medicinal compounds, or restorative properties, which include acids, alkaloids, saponins, flavonoids, coumarins (clotting factors), tannins, (astringent properties), antioxidants (immune), bitter principles and much more. 

Dr Morse

The restorative principles in herbs can enhance, cleanse and provide nutrition to cells and tissues, thus affecting cell and tissue response. Herbs increase the blood and lymph flow within tissues, which increases nutrition to cells and allows them to eliminate their wastes.

From a spiritual viewpoint, herbs carry the “original awareness” with which they were created. When an herb’s “consciousness” or awareness unites with the consciousness of a human cell, this empowers the cell to function as it was originally created. As DNA and cellular activity changes, it yields greater vitality to cells, tissues, or glands. With their powerful cleansing actions, herbs empower the body to clean itself out of all obstructions, thereby enhancing blood, lymph, and neuro (energy) flow to the cells.


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