What Causes Infertility and How to get Pregnant Naturally

If you are reading this you have probably tried everything from supplements and medical procedures to IVF to get pregnant. The reason nothing has worked is because the underlying cause is not being addressed. The good news is that regardless of the underlying cause of your infertility, the solution is simple and always the same. Whether you are having trouble conceiving because of ovulation disorders, endometriosis, anatomical factors such as fibroids and other uterine abnormalities or any other issue, you want to detox.

Cleaning up your body before trying to conceive will not only help you get pregnant but is also crucial to creating a healthy baby and not passing down your genetic weaknesses.

It’s important to spend at least a few months cleaning up your diet before trying to conceive. Once you have changed the chemistry of your body, getting pregnant will be relatively easy. This may sound too good to be true but it's simple chemistry. Almost all weaknesses in the body are related to lymph stagnation, your body's sewer system responsible for eliminating acidic waste. If your kidneys are not filtering out this acidic waste from your lymph system, this corrosive, agglomerating fluid gets backed up and starts to cause what the medical community calls ‘disease,’ and can include anything from acne and arthritis to tumours and infertility problems. The baby’s lymph system is taken from the mother so you can see how important it is to clean this system up and not pass this on to your baby. 

The only way to remove this corrosive waste is to get your lymph system moving and your kidneys filtering by eating raw fruits and vegetables. These foods will start to clean, hydrate and alkalize the body. In this alkaline environment, the body can start to heal itself.

When detoxing it's important to focus on the entire body and not just on the area of the problem. This is because the lymphatic system is systemic, it runs through the entire body so if you are having a problem in one area, there are issues in other areas as well. For example, if your kidneys are not filtering you will most likely also have weak adrenal glands which sit on top of the kidneys and play an important role in getting your kidneys to filter. 

Weak adrenals are not only a problem for kidney filtration but also the cause of anxiety. Responses can vary from mild shyness and introversion, to chronic worry and acute anxiety attacks. This is one of the many symptoms of weak adrenals so you want to spend some time strengthening these glands.

You will also want to work on the pituitary gland as 9 out of 10 women can’t get pregnant due to a weakness of this gland which controls nearly every part of the body. The Pituitary Support Formula and Female Reproductive Formulas are excellent herbal formulas that will clean and strengthen this gland. Again, you want to address why this pituitary is weak and not just take the formulas to get pregnant as you will pass these weaknesses on to your baby.

Women who have a parathyroid weakness and have babies, often experience postpartum depression so it's important to ensure your parathyroid is utilising calcium properly before getting pregnant.

Some signs of parathyroid weakness include wrinkles, flabby skin, varicose veins, bruising easily, hernias, and haemorrhoids. 

You also want to make sure your parathyroid is functioning because if you are not utilising calcium properly, your baby will take all the calcium from you and you may develop connective tissue weakness and depression.

As you can see, there are numerous areas in the body that need to be addressed before you are ready to have a healthy baby. Although the solution to all these problems is the same, it is helpful to pinpoint which glands are especially weak through iridology and supporting these glands or tissue with herbal formulas. Iridology is man's greatest tool for tissue analysis and gives you incredible insight into every cell and fluid in the body.

For guidance on a detox or iridology evaluation, please get in touch here.

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