What is Detoxification?

What is Detoxification?

Detoxification is the body's natural process of removing toxic substances that we ingest, breath in and put on our skin. This includes everything from processed foods and pharmaceuticals to EMFs and heavy metals - basically anything that is foreign chemistry to the body. 

The body will naturally try to eliminate this foreign chemistry through fevers, colds, flus vomiting, diarrhea, and other methods of elimination. These are not 'diseases' but simply the body's way of cleaning itself through purging. Take a simple case of bronchitis, for example. A doctor would probably prescribe antibiotics and the symptoms of bronchitis would stop. The antibiotics did not cure the inflammation and congestion, they merely stopped the cleansing and elimination process. Not allowing the body to clean the lungs pushes the congestion deeper leading to more problems down the road. 

The treatment based approach of Western Medicine suppresses symptoms, never addressing the underlying cause. This has left many chronically ill people dependent on pharmaceuticals their entire life while their health continues to deteriorate. 

Root cause of 'disease'

In order to bring the body back to health and vitality, we must reverse the cause and step away from this ‘treatment’ based thinking by addressing the root cause with an understanding that the body has an innate intelligence to heal itself in the right environment. One must create an alkaline, hydrating environment in the body through detoxification and allow the body to clean and rebuild itself. Without detoxification there can be no regeneration of tissues, organs and glands.

The four causes of disease:

  1. Acidosis, which causes inflammation, leading to congestion, ulceration and atrophy (tissue failure);
  2. Toxicity, which causes congestion, inflammation and cellular damage, thus leading to tissue failure; and
  3. Tissue weakness or tissue failure itself caused by genetics, acidosis, and/or toxicity
  4. Negative thoughts and emotions also play a major role in cell functioning and create blockages to the flow of energy 

To understand 'disease' one must have a basic understanding of the human body and the two sides of chemistry, acid and base. The body consists of cells and fluids. In every tissue you will find blood, nerve and lymph. Blood feeds the cells, lymph cleans them and nerves move them. Except for genetic memories, a cell becomes weakened through two major fluids that control their health, blood and lymph. The blood is the body's kitchen and deals with the base side of chemistry, the healing side. The lymphatic system on the other hand is the body's sewer system and deals with the corrosive side of chemistry, acids.

The key to health is understanding the lymphatic system and its role in eliminating acidic, toxic waste through the kidneys. Everything from cancer and arthritis to acne and autoimmune disease are all different names for the same problem, lymphatic stagnation.

Your lymph or ‘sewer’ systems job is to collect acidic waste from all the processes in the body including by-products from metabolism, respiration, digestion, activity etc. This waste is then brought to the lymph nodes where macrophages break the acids down ready to be eliminated through the kidneys. 

If your body is not able to get rid of this acidic lymph through the kidneys, it will begin to back up in the body and start to deteriorate cells and tissue weakening glands, organs and creating what we call ‘disease.’ 

In order to reverse the process of deterioration we must bring the body to the opposite side of chemistry, the base side - which is the hydrating, electrical, and healing side of chemistry. This is achieved through detoxification. 

Regenerative Detoxification

Detoxification is the simple process of allowing the body to clean itself. Regeneration has three main components to it: Alkalize, detoxify and energize. All three work together and are inseparable. Alkalization is vital to tissue regeneration because it is anti-inflammatory. It builds electrolytes for proper ionizacion, oxidation and neutralization. It allows for proper cellular respiration and for disbursement of nutrients throughout the body.

Detoxifying, of course, cleans all the obstructions, irritants and stimulants, like mucus, heavy metals, chemicals and pesticides out of your body. This allows for proper digestion, absorption, utilization and elimination.

So how do we alkalize the body? We interact with external chemistry by what we eat, breathe, and put on our skin. The first step in detoxification is to eliminate all acid and mucus forming foods. This includes protein, dairy and grains. These foods have an acid ash when consumed creating a cationic, or acidic environment of coagulation and agglomeration. Acids are not only corrosive to tissues in the body but can also be deadly if blood becomes too acidic.

These foods also cause excessive mucus production in the body's tissues, especially dairy and refined sugars. Once the body becomes overburdened with this mucus from the lymph system, the mucus itself then becomes the problem. It can block proper cellular function, causing hypoactivity of the respective organ or gland. In addition to being acidic, meats are also putrefactive and will invite parasites in the body.

It’s also important to move away from cooked foods. Cooking food will change the chemistry of the food to a more acidic pH and that is why you want to move to a raw diet of mainly fruits and vegetables, see diet recommendations here.

Energizing your cells with energy from living foods is vital to robust health. Without the power of live foods, which are full of nutrition and electricity, you cannot accomplish alkalization and detoxification.

Unfortunately some of us are at deeply chronic and degenerative levels that a raw diet isn't enough for us to heal and herbs become essential. Herbs are a great tool to help with the detoxification as they are tissue specific and are designed to heal, clean and strengthen. 

There is no 'disease' that cannot be healed through detoxification. At Awakened Vitality we provide you with the knowledge and tools to take back control of your body and to feel a superior level of health and vitality. If you are ready to transform your life and health book a session with a Detox Specialist here


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