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Raw Vegan Transition Guide & Recipe E-book

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Discover true health and vitality through the power of living foods. Begin your detox journey with over 70 delicious gluten-free vegan recipes! 

This e-book includes:

  • An Introduction into detoxification and regeneration
  • The Different levels of detox and how to navigate them
  • What foods to avoid that cause dis-ease
  • What exact foods heal the body and reverse dis-ease
  • Over 70 raw and cooked vegan recipes to help you transition  including mains, salads, soups, dips & dressings, smoothies, juices, snacks and desserts

This book offers support to those that are:

  • Transitioning into a high raw vegan diet in order to heal
  • New to detoxification and need guidance on what to eat and how to detox
  • Looking for balance on their detox journey or after healing

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