Best Raw Vegan Restaurants Around the World

What is a Raw Vegan Diet

A raw food diet contains the highest nutritional and electrical-energy foods on the planet and include fresh raw fruits, vegetables, herbs, seaweeds, nuts and seeds. These foods carry the power of life in them. They are full of enzymes, vitamins, minerals (tissue salts), amino acids, antioxidants, simple sugars, water, electricity and much more. Switching to a raw food diet will allow the body to detoxify, removing mucus, toxins, acids and inflammation allowing the body to heal from chronic and degenerative illnesses including lupus, autoimmune disease, diabetes, anxiety, psoriases and many more. While a raw vegan diet has been around for centuries it has recently gained popularity as awareness of the health benefits continues to grow. Below we have listed some of the best raw vegan restaurants around the world. 

Raw Vegan Restaurants

Rasayana Raw Food Cafe | Bangkok, Thailand

Rasayana Raw Food cafe is part of the Rasayana retreat center in Bangkok. Rasayana is an ancient Sanskrit term meaning “ Rejuvenation.” You can rejuvenate your body with raw vegan food inside their outdoor cafe, or you can call for delivery or get it to go. The savory mushroom burger served on a sunflower onion flatbread, layered with greens, marinated onion, live ketchup, and cashew cheese sauce, might just become a favorite.

Raw Cafe & Vegan Bistro | Phuket, Thailand

ATSUMI Raw Café is a garden paradise offering a mindful menu of living food you can enjoy while sitting and relaxing in their cozy secret garden. A peaceful atmosphere, complimentary tea, and wifi are part of the cozy ambiance. Choose from breakfast or light lunch to juices, smoothies ,and desserts. You might enjoy trying one of the raw pizzas like the Rocket Pizza with its crust of seeds and nuts covered in marinara, caramelized onions, slivered almonds, smoky eggplant, and a mock parma, topped with rocket leaves.

Raw Love Cafe | Tulum, Mexico

If we are going to talk about set and setting, Raw Love Cafe has the winning combo. Located on the beach you can dive into a gourmet raw vegan menu with your toes in the sand. Try out the house's special raw vegan burger or a beautiful plate of raw zucchini pasta covered in a garlic cashew cream sauce, basil pesto, and smoked tomatoes over a bed of arugula, topped with nuts and hemp seeds. Finish out your experience with the sugar-free, gluten-free vegan chocolate cake. That's Raw Love.

Avocado toast at Raw Love Tulum Cafe
Raw vegan carrot cake at Raw Love Cafe Tulum

Alchemy | Bali, Indonesia 

When thinking of the word alchemy you think of transformation, and transformative living food is what Alchemy is about. Offering all-day breakfast, salad and soup bar, vegan ice cream bar, cold press juices, and kombucha, the list of living food options on Alchemy’s menu is filled with love and high vibrations. Some gently cooked items, as well as raw food, are available. Alchemy believes it’s your health first and foremost in your transformation and organic life-force-filled food awaits you at Alchemy. Raw vegan soft serve ice cream sundaes, the Banana Bomb, Mango Tango, Acai Fantasy and the Honeymoon, raw vegan ice cream treats might be the way to transform your day.

Açai Bowl made with wild acai berries, banana and tropical grawnola
Papaya spring rolls with crunchy assorted vegetables in a papaya wrap and paired with an hoisin dipping sauce at Alchemy Bali

Seeds of Life | Bali, Indonesia

Consciously striving to maintain the levels of vital energy in their dishes, Seeds of Life (SOL) is a 100% raw vegan cafe in Bali. With the philosophy of raising consciousness along with the level of nutritious food choices, SOL believes this can lead to higher levels of awareness. To aid in your leveling up the SOL cafe offers delicious and living food, tonics, teas, juices ,smoothies and to feed your soul. One gorgeous example and one of the most popular items, the “SolJar” breakfast. Mixing fresh seasonal fruits with passionfruit on the bottom, chia pudding over the top, then a frozen smoothie blend, topped with coconut kefir yogurt, cacao nibs, coconut flakes, dried bananas, and a house sprouted seed protein, and finally an “LSA bar” shoved right in the middle. Along with the cafe, Sol offers a raw food training academy and raw food chef certifications. This is a one stop shop for raw food.

Raw Vegan Pad Thai at Seeds of Life
Raw Vegan Lasagna at Seeds of Life

Sayuri Healing Food Cafe | Bali, Indonesia 

More than a cafe, or a healing food academy, Sayuri is a community. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you can dine in or order from a delivery menu. You can start your day with a juice or a smoothie or maybe a raw breakfast burrito, later in the day, you could try one of the most popular dishes, the Lasagna Italian. A zucchini pasta served with marinara, creamy nut bechamel, marinated spinach, “raw-mezan”, and salad tossed with the dressing of the day. Sayuri offers both cooked and raw vegan food.

Raw chocolate cake
Tempeh Burger

In The Raw Bali | Bali, Indonesia

“In The Raw is Indonesia’s premier juice company and the only organic cold-pressed juice in the region.” Part of the essence of the raw food diet is its ability to detoxify the body, and utilizing juice cleanses accelerates the process. In the Raw Bali offers 50 organic cold-pressed juices as well as “Kristal” probiotic kefirs and kombuchas. Along with the juice cleanses available, they have a variety of conscious snacks, delicious raw chocolate, and cakes.

Alkaline Vegan Restaurant | Bali, Indonesia

At Alkaline Vegan Restaurant they "aim to live a healthy, sustainable, natural & spiritual way of life." They believe high quality nutrition to be our medicine and all their food is prepared with Alkaline water. All fresh produce is from their garden or locally sourced (max 50km).

The Raw Temple | Bali, Indonesia

The Raw Temple is the newest addition to raw food restaurants in Ubud, Bali opening its doors in 2023. 

Caravana of Dreams | New York, USA

Caravana of Dreams One restaurant reviewer was quoted as saying… “It’s a hip retro establishment that caters to veggie lovers”. Having both cooked and raw dishes on the menu Caravana of Dreams is a hit with the vegan crowd. Serving brunch, lunch, and dinner daily with occasional live music sprinkled in for good measure. Raw dishes include Raw Squash Manicotti Platter, Raw Nori Rolls, Raw Zucchini Garden Pasta, and a Raw California Tostada consisting of A mango flax tortilla, with a cultured kefir cashew cheese, salsa, guacamole, and the house walnut-mushroom”carne asada”, topped off with sprouts and silky almond cream.

Wild Living Foods | California, USA

Wild Living Foods wants you to know you don't have to eat raw food cold, it can be heated up to 118℉ and still maintain all the vitality, living enzymes, and “life force” you are looking for in a raw food diet. They have the “ World First 100% Plant Based Salad Bar”, and fresh pressed to order celery juice. Can't get any fresher than that. Warm or cold, Wild Living Foods has a packed menu with clearly marked symbols to help you stay on track with your raw diet.

Raw Vegan Broccoli Lime Soup from Wild Living Foods
Raw vegan cinnamon roll from Wild Living Foods

Peace Pies | California, USA

“Changing the World One Slice at a Time”

Award-winning, San Diego-based raw food restaurant Peace Pies offers raw, vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free foods. They take pride in sourcing their ingredients from local farmers, maintaining a “zero-waste” policy, plus using eco-friendly packaging. You can see where their heart is. When visiting you may want to try the Cannelloni… “Zucchini noodles stuffed with herbed almond ricotta, Topped with marinara and cashew parm on a bed of marinated spinach”. Finish it off with Cosmic Coconut Cream pie, or Alive Apple Pie, or maybe the Conscious Cheesecake. 

Raw Vegan Burrito Peace Pies California
Raw Vegan Mushroom Kelp Noodle Stroganoff Peace Pies California
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