Regenerative Detoxification: How to Eliminate the Root Cause of Chronic "Dis-ease"

Although the word 'detox' has become one of the most overused words in the wellness industry, ‘true’ detoxification is more vital today than ever. 

Detoxification is simply the body's natural process of removing toxic substances that we ingest, breath in and put on our skin. This includes everything from processed foods and pharmaceuticals to EMFs and heavy metals - basically anything that is foreign chemistry to the body. 

Our bodies will naturally try to eliminate this foreign chemistry through fevers, colds, flus, vomiting, and other methods of elimination. These are not 'diseases' but simply the body's way of cleaning itself through purging. This detoxification process happens all the time at one level or another, however constant exposure to toxins eventually lead to the inability of the body to detoxify itself (from damage to its eliminative organs). 

Therefore the primary goal of detoxification is to open up these pathways of elimination so the body is able to eliminate all the toxic, acidic waste that we put into it.

Today we are inundated with countless toxic chemicals in our daily lives from our foods, air, cosmetics, cleaning products, water supply, hygiene products and more. These chemicals, if not eliminated, cause inflammation of tissues and contribute to degeneration of one's health over time. Compounding this problem is the unhealthy foods we routinely consume resulting in systemic over-acidity of the body.

The resulting toxicity and acidosis are the two root causes of the vast majority of our health issues today. For this reason, what we eat, drink, breathe in and put on our skin plays a major role in our wellbeing.

Aside from how we interact with the external environment, our internal state directly effects our health. Negative emotions and thoughts are also acidic and toxic to the body. Worry, anger, hate, envy, and fear are acid forming and create obstructions to the flow of energy and hypo-activity of glands, organs and the nervous system. 

All these toxic conditions have created illness and very low levels of consciousness. Through Regenerative Detoxification we begin to restore our health, energy and vitality. 

Root cause of 'dis-ease'

The ‘treatment' based approach of Western Medicine was designed around the pharmaceutical industry and has left many chronically ill people dependent on medicine their entire life. This is because these pharmaceuticals suppress symptoms temporarily, never addressing the underlying cause. 

Take a simple case of bronchitis, for example. A doctor would probably prescribe antibiotics and the symptoms of bronchitis would stop. The antibiotics did not cure the inflammation and congestion, they merely stopped the cleansing and elimination process. Not allowing the body to clean the lungs pushes the congestion deeper leading to more problems down the road. 

We must remember that the body is a living, conscious machine with an innate intelligence to heal and regenerate itself. This requires us to provide the right internal chemistry - an alkaline dominant environment. There are only two sides to chemistry that forms the basis of all matter - acids and base (alkalis). Like everything in creation there is an interplay of opposites - acids initial change and alkalis balance it.

Acids are corrosive and inflammatory to the body while base chemistry is the hydrating, healing side - they neutralise acids. For the body to be in a state of true health it must be alkaline dominant.

If the body is not able to eliminate acid waste, this corrosive chemistry begins to break down cells. Symptoms such as fatigue, inflammation, arthritis, edema, acne, hair loss, cellulite, premature aging, cysts, fibroids, tumors etc. are just different stages of acid corrosion.

Much of the acidic waste ends up in our body's lymphatic system. The lymphatic system contains lymph fluid which makes up 80% of the fluid in your body. It's your sewer system and your immune system. It not only provides protection for cells but also collects acidic waste from all the processes in the body including by-products from metabolism, respiration, digestion, activity etc.

The key to health is understanding the lymphatic system and its role in eliminating acidic, toxic waste through the kidneys.

Without proper elimination of this waste through the kidney's, the lymphatic system becomes overburden. This can be compared to the sewage in your house backing up. Since the lymphatic system is systemic (head to toe), it touches every cell in your body and eventually leads to cellular hypo-activity and degeneration of tissue, glands and organs creating almost every symptom we know of today.

Since the kidneys are responsible for filtering out lymphatic waste, restoring the kidney's to their proper functional ability is vital during detoxification. There are many different factors that affect lymphatic stagnation, for example, the adrenal or pituitary gland could be suppressing the kidneys ability to filter. This is where iridology is useful as it shows us, in detail, the genetics, tissue weaknesses or strengths, and the congestive (or toxic) conditions of the body. This allows us to better target the specific area of the body with herbal formulas, diet, and other healing modalities.

Lymphatic system

Regenerative Detoxification

Diet is always the number one key to initiating detoxification and healing. To restore our body back to health we must simply reverse the cause - remove the acidic conditions we expose ourselves to and provide an environment that allows the body to clean and rebuild itself. This natural process of Regenerative Detoxification requires us to create an alkaline medium by consuming alkaline foods with electrically “alive” nutrients.

Energising cells with 'living' foods from raw fruits and vegetables is vital to detoxification and tissue regeneration. They provide us with electrically ‘alive’ nutrients. Their perfect chemistry contains the hydrating, astringent and alkaline properties that cleanse, restore, regenerate and energise the body.

These foods will not only clear the obstructions in the physical but the emotional and mental bodies as well. The quality of your thoughts and emotions are greatly affected by the state of the endocrine and nervous systems. When the glandular system is out of balance so are your emotions. This is especially true with glands such as pituitary, thyroid and adrenals. As we strengthen these glands, our emotions of worry, fear, depression, anxiety and self-worth transform.

Unfortunately some of us are at such deep chronic and degenerative levels that a raw diet isn't enough for us to heal and herbs become essential. Their power to invoke the cleansing and regeneration process can’t be matched by manufactured supplements or chemical medications. Where chemical medications suppress and hold toxins in the body, herbs pull and clean these toxins out as well as strengthen the cells.

Detoxification is a powerful and life changing journey that will lead you down a path of health, vitality and self-discovery as it cleanses the body and opens up your awareness. Foods can either bind you to this world or set you free. Seek to be free from the chains of food addictions that undermine your health and wellbeing.

As you begin to restore the body back to its original blueprint, you begin to feel superior levels of vitality, energy, presence and mental clarity. Our bodies and minds become open to higher vibration, nutrition and divine light.

Reaching these higher levels of health and vitality requires more than just a 3-day juice cleanse - it's a lifestyle change that doesn't happen overnight. It requires commitment and a willingness to learn, let go of fear and suppressed emotions, overcome negative habits and venture through phases of eliminations (or detox symptoms). 

There is no 'disease' that cannot be healed through detoxification. At Awakened Vitality we provide you with the knowledge and tools to take back control of your body and to feel a superior level of health and vitality. If you are ready to transform your life and health book a session with a Detox Specialist here

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